Visually impaired and blind people manage their daily routine by using auxiliary devices such as a white cane. Various applications exist in order to equip a blind person’s cane with different features. However, in user tests, these were found to be cumbersome and heavy and not always suitable in an everyday usage situation.

Our idea includes using an advanced technology paired with a common cane in order to support the investigation of the environment in a blind person’s life.

Ultrasonic sensors detect ambient barriers and within a smart system, visually challenged people will get feedback through vibration pads attached to backpack’s loops in order to assist in the navigation around obstacles, especially in those areas which are difficult to sense with a white cane (upper body / head range).

This system can be used by active visually impaired and blind people who are openminded to tech affine features. Their daily activities will be supported in a safer and fearless way which results in an increase of quality of life, as many obstacles in a certain height are not easily detectable with a white cane.

We want to offer a system with an optimized angle, height and distance detection.

Development Team: Varun Tharmalingam, Jennifer Kurz, Natalia Pryakhina, André Hunger

Scrum Master: Malte Ollenschläger, Christine Martindale

Partner: Birne7,Langstockschulung