MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab)

MedTech E-Lab will not be offered as course until further notice


The Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) is offering, in collaboration with the University Hospital of Erlangen, Siemens Healthcare, Medical Valley EMN and Universidad de Navarra/IESE, a new course in entrepreneurship and medical engineering within the framework of EIT Health:
The MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab.

This practical course is geared towards students who are keen to solve practical real-world challenges from hospital partners, whilst using a hands-on approach and acquiring relevant tools to build and launch a business.


Program Description

The semester-long MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab will work with multidisciplinary teams to solve practical questions in medical technology and digital health.

Students will work on pre-selected projects from various different medical fields provided by the University Hospital of Erlangen. Participants will have open access to the Innovation Lab, which provides them with an infrastructure to develop their project specific prototype.

Through a series of seminars in medical device regulations, workshops in business and finance, regular mentoring meetings, and individual coaching from industry and healthcare professionals, learners will implement their ideas as prototypes by applying lean startup methodology and develop their business plan. Students will use Scrum as an agile development method in order to support their prototype building process.

The MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab will culminate in a pitch competition in front of investors, end-users, and challenge-providers.


Learning Outcomes

  • gain knowledge in entrepreneurship and business creation
  • acquire skills in design thinking, business models, value proposition, prototyping, financing, and pitching
  • learn about medical device and medical software regulations in Europe
  • work in interdisciplinary teams addressing real-world challenges in healthcare
  • gain knowledge about decision-making related to product development in the healthcare sector
  • develop innovative, needs-based products together with hospital and industry partners
  • be empowered to turn an idea into a startup venture


Current Projects Winter Semester 2020/2021




Further Information for Students

Course Content

At the beginning of each term, clinical projects from the University Hospital of Erlangen will be presented and assigned to multidisciplinary student groups.

Seminars and workshops will be offered in the following subjects: in design thinking, business planning, value proposition, market research, rapid prototyping, financing, pitching, medical device/software law, quality management, eHealth / mHealth, and clinical evaluation. All of the seminars, lectures, workshops and pitch events will be held in English.

Target Group

We are looking for Masters and Graduate students in engineering, computer science and medicine, as well as young professionals and members of the general public with a demonstrated interest in healthcare and business creation.

Our aim is to attract learners from diverse backgrounds in order to work in complementary teams.


The MedTech E-Lab participants will be assessed weekly and learners will receive useful, documented feedback throughout the semester.

At the end of each semester, a jury of healthcare and business professionals will evaluate each team’s prototype and presentation at a demo day and pitch event.

Every participant will be graded. The overall grade consists of four parts:

  • Mid-semester presentation (30%)
  • Report (20%)
  • Code, Scrum Meeting, Practical work (40%)
  • Team performance (10%)

10 ECTS will be awarded after the successful completion of the semester long course and all MedTech E-Lab learners will receive a certificate after they have successfully completed all of the program components.

Application procedure

Seminar places will be assigned by a first come – first serve basis. In the case that we receive too many applications, there will be a waiting list. However we reserve the right to choose applicants that best fit the target group description.

The course is open to students of the before mentioned study fields (Bachelor 5th semester or higher, all Master students).

For other study programs or information to ECTS distributions, please contact us:


The Entrepreneurship Lab will run over the course of one semester. Participants can either apply for the summer semester or for the winter semester.

Current application deadlines

Summer Semester:        Application is open from the 16.03.2020 till the 21.04.2020 via StudOn

Information for potential clinical and industrial partners

Have you got a specific challenge that you are encountering in your field of medical specialization and are you on the look out for a new medical device solution geared specifically towards your (patients) needs? Then we have the right solution for you!

We are currently looking for clinical partners from a diverse background of medical specialties and industrial partners related to the health care sector, who are willing to support the MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab at the Central Institute of Medical Engineering (ZiMT) at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen.

You are invited to submit project proposals with mechanical and/or electronic challenges where there is an identified problem that needs solving. Problems can be within the field of medical monitoring, diagnosis, treatments and research tools.

Students choose a project that they want to work on and small teams of multidisciplinary students (with an engineering, computer science or a medical background) are formed. In the following twelve weeks students and mentors will follow a structured design process that culminates in a proof-of-concept prototype that will be pitched at the end of the term to investors, end-users, challenge-providers, and the general public.

How will you benefit from a cooperation with the MedTech Entrepreneurship Lab?

  • You will be able to address a current need that you are experiencing in your field of clinical work, that you otherwise might not be able to target within the structure of the clinical environment.
  • Meet and work with highly motivated, performance orientated students, which might be interesting in terms of future recruitment.
  • Benefit from the potential outcome of new research ideas, new products and new patents.
  • Establish an enhanced collaboration with the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen, ranked the 2nd most innovative university in Germany (by Reuters).

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